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Membership Information (To Apply for Membership, CLICK on the ‘Apply For Membership‘ button at the end of this page):

Today‘s business challenges require new solutions that bring measurable results in increased sales, and savings on purchases. You strive to make your business grow and prosper on the international stage, and we help you to do it even better.

With our local representatives, 1Point Commerce helps you promote your company globally, enables you to immediately introduce your products and services to worldwide markets of buyers and suppliers, Market-Test your products and services in international territories, fine-tune your global marketing and pricing strategies, negotiate trade deals online and complete deals with new global partners.

When you need to purchase materials, supplies or services, The 1Point Commerce global network allows you to locate products and services from suppliers around the world. After finding the information you need you can negotiate trade deals online and purchase the most competitive products and services.

To complete trade deals our international network of local business services providers (Associates) offers global commerce services that enable you to do so efficiently and cost-effectively. Our international trade and marketing services include Finance, Shipping, Insurance, Inspection, Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokers.

Our local associates‘ network provides you with the needed services to help you expand into new markets while lowering your risks and costs while you grow. Local business services such as legal, accounting, advertising, marketing, translation, real estate and more are included in our network of global sources to make your expansion into new markets simple and successful.

This is what our dynamic global e-commerce network is all about. We continue to build our local network of representatives and associates to cover major trading markets worldwide. Our goal is to make global commerce easy, simple and almost local so you can capitalize on, and benefit from, global commerce.

Membership Fees:

1Point Commerce offers three types of memberships: 1- Basic Membership: USD $795/Year; 2- Performance-Based Membership (For Suppliers Only): USD $1695/Year (performance-based membership starts the day the registrant concludes the first deal); and 3- Commission-Only Membership: 7.5% commissions on completed deals with no membership fees.  The membership entitles members to post 50 items. Members are allowed to post an unlimited number of items for an additional charge of $100 for every 50 items. 

There are NO sales fees for paid annual memberships.

Buyers only pay their membership fees.

Associates‘ Services:

Associates charge fees for their services in addition to the membership fees charged by 1Point Commerce. Members receive preferential rates and services when they contact our associates through the ‘Send Message‘ link available in the Associates‘ detail page.

Our members agree to abide by 1Point Commerce‘s Code of Ethics. To apply for your membership, please click on the link below.

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