1Point Commerce’s Affiliates are passionate about B2B,
and in helping their clients benefit from global e-Commerce.

Become an Affiliate

1Point Commerce presents an opportunity for Affiliates
to increase their residual income year after year.

As an Affiliate, you will receive 20%
commission for each new client you
introduce to 1Point Commerce.

The compensation for each
company registering on our b2b
platform is $159 USD.



Once registered with our Affiliate program,
you earn to promote 1Point Commerce both
online and offline.


Online Affiliates System

You receive an ID tracking number that
will allow our system to recognize the
work you have done through online

You will receive the agreed commission
once payment is received from your




Offline Affiliates System

For any customer you have encouraged
to register, you will receive the 20%

During registration, your client will input
your Affiliate ID tracking number, to
ensure that your commission is




Potential Earnings

If 5 companies register, you will receive a total of $ 795.

You earn 20% of the $795 standard membership fee.

company 1
$ 159
company 2
$ 159
company 3
$ 159
company 4
$ 159
company 5
$ 159
= $ 795
$ 79.5

On membership renewals,
you receive 10 % of the
membership fees.

That means you receive
$ 79.5 per membership


Expand Your Earnings With 1Point Commerce

You create your own sales team,
and earn on each sale your
team generates.

To do this, invite your sales team to
register on 1Point Commerce and
they will receive their own Affiliate
ID’s, trackable to you.

Your sales team receive 15 %
commission, and you receive
5 % of their sales.



If 3 sellers of your team sell 5 subscriptions per month,
you will receive 25 % of their total commission.

Member Subscription =  $795

If 5 subscriptions are sold: $795 x 5 = $3975

15 % of $3975 = $596.25,
this is earned by your sales team.

5 % of $3975  =  $198.75,
amount you receive.

In this case, you receive an additional $198.75


If you add this to your total earning,
you will receive (198.75 + 795)
= $ 993.75

Advantages at a Glance

Make your clients enjoy the benefits of global
commerce with a proven solution to maximize
sales and exports.

Earnings with every company that you
invite and registers.

Create your own sales team.


1Point Commerce offers companies a Standard membership of $795 /yr.

With this membership, companies enjoy all the benefits of becoming actively involved in global commerce.

Your participation in our Affiliate program involves only the promotion/sale of our standard membership to your clients.

All of our Affiliates abide by the Affiliates Agreement and 1Point Commerce's Code of Ethics.